alyxa & mike


JANUARY 12, 2018


Your presence at our wedding is all we could possibly ask for. Being able to celebrate our marriage with all of our family and friends is truly the ultimate gift. However, if you'd like to contribute more than your love and support, we would of course be extremely grateful. While our full registry (click full registry) contains some of the household items we dream of, we have also included options for you to contribute to a larger dream of ours – our #mysteryhoneymoon.

You could think of this as traditional honeymoon fund, or you could think of it as a way to be a unique part of a once-in-a-lifetime adventure for us. After the wedding, we'll not only be embarking on a crazy lifelong journey, but also on an epic adventure where we let fate decide our honeymoon destination the day we leave for it. 

We greatly appreciate anything you are able to contribute to this adventure. Keep an eye out for ways to keep tabs on us throughout the trip!